The turntable has 48 steps of 7.5°. The connected tracks are numbered counter-clockwise and track 0 is the 0° of the first quadrant. This is the way RocView renders the turntable, and this item can not be rotated.

Turntable Dialog Tracks Tab.

Overview of the defined connected tracks to this turntable.
A red background of the track cell means it is invisible.

Add a Track

Turntable Add Track Dialog.

Track number

The track number you want to define which must range between 0 and 47.

Decoder Track number

:!: If the turntable decoder type does not support 48 positions it must be mapped using the Decoder track number.


Assuming a turntable decoder type with 24 tracks equally arranged:

Track Decoder track
0 1
2 2
4 3
6 4
44 23
46 24

Decoder Opposite Track

An optional track for the 180° turn option.(For multiport type only.)
Leave at -1 if not needed. (Or equals to the Track number.)


Block ID used for generating routes between bridge and tracks in case the manager is activated.


Free text for display only.

Position sensor

Sensors should be placed at every connected track to detect the bridge position.
It is valid when 2 sensors are high and will be shown as detected in the track plan.
Check the turntable type for details.

Bridge polarization

Set the polarization of the bridge for entering this track.


Show this track. Disable if it is only for the 180° turn option without any real tracks connected.

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