Blockgroups Dialog Properties Tab.

Source block

The source block is only enabled if the critical section flag is NOT set on this page. In that case the source block will serve as master for all linked blocks which is only usable with track driver systems like Dinamo.

Linked blocks

Depending on the critical section flag the listed blocks here are slaves of the source block or members of a critical section.

Critical section

This flag toggles the usability of the block group. Setting this to critical section it will be eveluated every time a train wants to reserve a block to check if it belongs to a block group to avoid a deadlock.

Allow follow up

Used in case of a critical section which allows follow up trains in the same direction.
The second field defines the max. number of follow up trains, default is zero which means unlimited.
:!: Use with care: In case Rocrail is stopped, and there is more than one train in this section, it will turn out into a dead lock which can only manually corrected.

All blocks must have disabled the Allow change direction flag.

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