Build Rocrail from source with Ubuntu

:!: All build instructions should be executed in the context of a normal user account, not as root. Package installation(s) MUST be done as root.

Install the needed packages

First of all you have to install some packages. So open Synaptic or aptitude ( System/Systemverwal tung/Synaptic- Paketverwaltung).

Choose the following packages:

build-essential The compiler and more
git This package contains the tools to access and download the Rocrail sources
libwxgtk3.0-dev This package is used for building the Rocrail Gui*
libusb-1.0-0-dev This package is used by the Rocrail server

Accept all packages that are suggested by synaptic and start the installation.

*On older versions of Ubuntu, the package libwxgtk2.8-dev can be used instead of 3.0 but some gui functions will be lost.

Get the Rocrail sources

Open a terminal and type:

mkdir ~/Projects
cd ~/Projects
git clone <granted link> Rocrail

This downloads the Rocrail sources into the subdir ~/Projects/Rocrail of your Home directory.

For a faster download without revision number:

git clone --depth 1 <granted link> Rocrail

Compile Rocrail

Now it is time to build Rocrail.
Change to the Rocrail source directory:

cd ~/Projects/Rocrail
make all

In case of 64 bit or other architectures use:

cd ~/Projects/Rocrail
make fromtar

Install Rocrail

After the compiler finished you have to install Rocrail.
Type the following command in a Terminal Window:

cd ~/Projects/Rocrail
sudo make install

Now you should see 2 Icons in Applications → Other:

Have fun!

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