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Movable Columns

Rearrange the columns, with Shift and the left mouse button(D&D), to fit your needs. Unimportant columns can be moved to the right side to save space.

Loco image in block symbols

Add track plan symbols by Drag&Drop

Sensor events by GT-Position

Model railroading GPS support.

Create routes with the Command Recorder

Just point and click blocks, switches, signals and sensors to create a route manually.

Loco Tab SpeedOMeter

  • Date: 06-06-2014
  • Revision: 7408
  • Page: Loco Tab

This SpeedOMeter is optional and can be activated in the Rocview preferences.
It has two ranges: 0…120 and 0..240. The chosen range depends on the V_max of the selected loco.

Loco Tab Image Column

  • Date: 05-06-2014
  • Revision: 7397
  • Page: Loco Tab

For a better overview an extra Image Column is added.

RocJ new symbols added.

  • Date: 19-05-2014
  • Revision: 159
  • Page: RocJ

Building and route symbols are added.
Fix for default Text length.

Help System

Every dialog in Rocview has become a Help button which will open the related Wiki page in the default browser.

Free previous block on enter

It free up the previous block on the enter event to make it available for other trains.

RocNet Pi07


Zero loss current detection.

Train permission

The include and exclude lists are extended with train IDs.

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