Rocrail Daily News

Light Control

Manage lights on the layout.

WebCam support

Monitoring invisible spots on the layout.

Assemble a train by identifier

  • Date: 22-08-2015
  • Revision: 9733
  • Page: Trains

Automatically assembling trains by car identifiers.

Document Management with @Box

  • Date: 14-08-2015
  • Revision: 9637
  • Page: @Box

Manage all kind of documentation and find it again.

XML Scripting

To simplify actions and condition.

Rocweb Mobile Client

  • Date: 07-06-2015
  • Revision: 9269
  • Page: Rocweb

Browser Client based on the latest WEB technologies for PC, Laptop, Pad and Smartphone.
Zero install; Just connect with the browser to the server.

Sensor statistic with RailCom/BiDiB

EuroLite USB-DMX512-Pro

Raptor Command Station support


Deceleration can be used for reducing speed by the Interval and Decelerate parameter.

Virtual Blocks

Virtual blocks are used to group a number of slave blocks to define it as one.

DMX4ALL Support

Server Trace Filter

With this dialog a Rocrail server trace file can be loaded, local and remote, and filtered on level, object type and/or ID(free text).

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