Note that since all of the Rocrail effort is voluntary, there are no deadlines.

It's ready when it's ready.

Release table

Release Code name Planned Final release Revision Description
0.4.0 - - 30-06-2005 - hsi-88, http
0.5.0 - - 19-11-2005 - commuter train, new dialogs, new client communication
0.6.0 Xmas2005 12/2005 20-12-2005 - notebook layout, loc list, loc images, manual turntable, mouse move over block triggers update loc image
0.7.0 Torino 02/2006 05-02-2006 - srcp sensor reader, rocrail.ini dialog, languages en/de/nl, filling tracks, zoom
0.7.1 Torino - 05-02-2006 - bugfix release, Swedisch translation
0.8.0 Dinamo - 02-06-2006 svn228 Dinamo 3.0, gamepad, IB dcc programming
0.9.0 Xmas2006 12/2006 23-12-2006 svn670 schedules, selectrix, text, decoupler, buffer, events, ddl dcc programming, France translation
0.10.0 Marathon 04/2007 31-03-2007 svn1103 LDT INTER-10, Turkish, Spanish and Italien translation, WebClient, Signal patterns, vertical block symbol, user defined external svg symbols, decoder dialog, Rocgui dialog, Zimo ASCII support, basic LocoNet® support, LocoNet® over TCP
1.0 Harvest 01/2008 11-01-2008 svn2277 LocoNet® setup dialog, undo dialog, Fred support, schedules, ECoS support, Direct Digital for AWL, turntable automat block, SVG Themes
1.1 Vision¹ 09/2008 26-10-2008 svn3805 LocoIO dialog, OpenDCC support, Modular layout support, auto routing, reserve one more block ahead & signaling, Selection Table support, timed actions, DDX, …
1.2 Act² 03/2009 21-03-2009 bzr225 See Commit log
1.3 Air 11/2009 10-10-2009 895 rc2 See Commit log
2.0 Sunrise Nightly builds only³ - - See Commit log Depends of the wxWidgets 3.0 release.
Block side routes, Analyzer, BiDiB, Massoth, Java Client, Managed Block, TT-Manager …

¹) The “Vision” release was used at the Eurospoor 2008 event where MGV did run the club layout with Rocrail.
²) The “Act” release was used at the IMG Kaarst event March 2009.
³) No official releases are build any more. The Revision Number, LauchPad.Net repository number, is used as reference to specific builds.

Revision Number

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