Interface ID

Only set this to the IID you set in the rocrail.ini if your setup has more than one CS connected.


See: Addressing


Depending on the type this must be a locdecoder address or a FADA accessory address. – Second address only for decodertype “AccDec”.

Direction Address

Depending on the type this is the FADA accessory address for switching the rotation direction.


locdec type

Left: Decoder function output for controlling the snap-in bridge coil.
Right: Decoder function output for controlling the polarisation relay. (Polarisation Addr. must be set zero)


Decoder function output for bridge cabin lights. (locdec type)

Motor off delay

Number of ms. between deactivating the bridge coil and stopping the bridge motor.

Bridge Sensors 1-4

If you want to use your turntable in auto mode you have to split up the bridge in two occupancy sections.
Both connected sensors 1 and 2 are to set here and the way around is regardless.
Sensor 3 and 4 are optional and can be used as pre2in.

Bridge Polarisation.

Depending on the used hardware one or two addresses or outputs can be used.
Polarisation has to be set for every turntable track; See Track setup.
Not used if left to zero.


Address(es) for controlling a bistable bridge polarisation relay.


Output(s) for controlling a bistable bridge polarisation relay.

Position Sensors

This optional sensor can be used if the turntable controller generates an event after reaching the wanted position. In this case the track position sensors can be left empty.


Rotation velocity

Specify the bridge rotation velocity in percents using a locdec type.
This percentage is for calculating the speed steps for the decoder: if the decoder has 28 steps and this value is 50% step 14 will be used.


Time in seconds to wait, after the bridge got into position, before starting the locomotive.
The sensor event is too early if reed relays are used.

Direction change pause

Time in seconds between direction and position command.
For DigitalBahn decoder only; at least 2 seconds are recommended.


Must be set for TT-DEC in combination with Xpressnet and RocoNet.

Swap rotation direction

Rocrail calculates the rotation direction to get the shortest way to a track. But if the used decoder seems to do the opposite it can be swapped using this option.

Common Buttons

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