Turntable Setup

Auto mode

A block has to be used for the Turntable in auto mode to get a loco positioned on the bridge.

  • Define a Block for the Turntable.
  • All Turntable tracks must lead to a block for use in auto mode.
  • Setup all tracks with a position sensor if the used decoder does not have a feedback for “position reached”.
  • The turntable bridge must have a defined position side by stepper motor position or sensor; all used positions (0…47) must be addressable!


This layout file can be used to get the idea on how the turntable is used in auto mode:
turntable-example.xml (None Block Side routing.)

Track Blocks

Track blocks are setup the same as regular blocks.

Position Sensors

The bridge position sensors in this example are set to visible for simulation purpose, but can left unvisible in production plans.

Track overview Track setup

Bridge Sensor(s)

For best locomotive positioning it is recomended to split up one rail of the bridge to get two sensors es described in chapter Turntable.
Alternatively the bridge can be left unmodified providing one sensor for an enter-in event.


Routes must be defined FROM a track block TO the turntable block. They must be defined in BOTH directions

All routes from and to a turntable block must define a turntable track action:

If a route is activated the turntable action is translated into a goto track command. The route waits till the turntable signals set triggered by the position sensors.

Bridge Color

The bridge color depends on the state of the bridge sensors and are as followed:

Color Event
green -
yellow enter
red in

enter in

180° Swap

Following example realizes an 180° swap:

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