Software Updates


:!: Since version 2.0 this service is no longer used.
Starting with Rev. 7717 this feature is deactivated.
Updating has to be carried out by downloading and installing a new version from the download section.

How it works

After selecting the menu item Help→Software Updates a connection is made to over port 80. The Rocgui tries to load a file named releasename.xml in the release directory at If the file was found the patches are listed in the Available Updates box. A small desription of the patch is displayed in the Update Info box after selecting a patch. Check all the patches you want, and on OK they will be downloaded in the UpdatesPath you set in the Rocgui ini.

Because you can have a mix of operating systems there is no filter active to show only the Rocgui's current OS patches. (Rocgui runs on Windows 98 and Rocrail on Debian 3.10) So it is up to you to select the right patches, strip off the version information and copy them from the UpdatesPath to the right places.

Patches will become available after a version is released.

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