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Some USB-RS232 converters can't handle RTS handshaking.
The rocrail.ini must be edited by hand to turn this of:

  <digint iid="roco-1" lib="roco" rtsdisabled="true" ..../>

This is a listing of working USB-RS232 devices which supports most common aspects of the RS232 hardware including handshaking.

Known working devices

Manufacturer Linux OS X Win Link lsusb Handshaking DDX Picture Euro
Digitus y y y Reichelt
Future Technology Devices International, Ltd
FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC
RTS/CTS positive message
in the forum (de)
Digitus 170426 ca.10

List actualised 18.04.2011 (Devices of old entrys were no longer available)
Availability and price were still up to date on August 2014

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