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Install pre-build on a raspi 3

This is a short instruction how to install Rocrail on a RasPi 3, based on the 2013 made M. Serrano instruction and my german instructions.

1st prepare sd-card

Install a Rasbian OS as instructed on raspberry on the sd-card, use the “RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH PIXEL” version (full version of os).
Create an empty file “ssh” on the sd-card.
Download the newest rocrail preinstalled package from the "download Rocrail project files". Select the file with the description “Raspbian Stretch ARMHF wxWidgets 3.0”, the file is called rocrail-nnnnn-stretch-wx3.0-armhf.deb . Note: nnnnn is the actual revision of rocrail. Copy this file to the sd-card too.

2nd start and configure the raspi

via desktop

Put the sd-card into the raspi and start the raspi (power ON). It starts with the Pixel-desktop. Configure the raspi to your needs and run the os-updates sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Reboot the RasPi.

via ssh

Put the sd-card into the raspi and start the raspi (power ON). Connect Your PC to the rasPi via ssh. Configure the raspi to your needs with sudo raspi-config and run the os-updates with sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Reboot the RasPi

3rd install rocrail

Open a terminal session (via desktop) or connect to the raspi (via ssh) and change to the folder /boot ( cd /boot ).
Before installing rocrail the 1st time, you need to install wxgtk3.0 (sudo apt-get -y install wxgtk3.0-dev)
Unpack and install the preinst package with sudo dpkg -i rocrail-nnnnn-stretch-wx3.0-armhf.deb. Note: the nnnnn should be replaced with the wanted revision.
Rocrail is now installed in /opt/rocrail
Via desktop only: Finish the terminal session and change to Pixel.

4th Start Rocrail (desktop only)

Open Rocview to start Rocrail:

5th Start Rocrail as a service (via ssh or terminal session)

caution not checked with stretch, checked with jessie.
Connect to the raspi (via ssh) or open a terminal session (via desktop).
Type sudo etc/init.d/./rocraild start to start the rocrail server as service,
Type sudo etc/init.d/./rocraild stop to stop the rocrail server as service,
Note: Rocrail as service uses the rocrail.ini in the folder /opt/rocrail/

6th Update Rocrail

Update Rocrail is done as a new installation.

7th Rocrail via SSH as server on RasPi only

The previus topics is the how-to if You use Rocview on Raspi.
If You run a real client-server-architecture, see
as a short instruction (jessie, not updated to stretch).

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