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-======Build wxWidgets ​2.8.x from source====== +======Build wxWidgets from source======
----- +
-Some distributions do not have a matching wxWidgets package. +
-So here is a small guide line for building it your self. +
----- +
- +
 =====Linux systems===== =====Linux systems=====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-download:*.tar.gz +git clone --recurse-submodules 
-install gtk2-devel and all other missing development tools from your distribution!!! +cd wxWidgets 
-unzip the source tarball: +mkdir linuxbuild 
-    gzip -d wxGTK-2.8.*.tar.gz +cd linuxbuild 
-un tar it: +../​configure ​--prefix=/​usr ​--enable-unicode ​--disable-shared ​--enable-graphics_ctx ​--enable-monolithic ​--enable-stc 
-    tar -xf wxGTK-2.8.*.tar +make -j4 
-cd wxGTK-2.8.* +sudo make install
-./​configure ​--enable-unicode ​--enable-graphics_ctx +
-make +
-install the wx headers and libraries: +
-  sudo make install +
-- update the​ +
-    sudo /​sbin/​ldconfig+
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-=====Windows systems===== 
-Please see the detailed description in [[cmingw-en|Compile Rocrail with MinGW, MSYS and wxWidgets]]. 
 +[Desktop Entry]
 +Comment=Rocrail - Innovative Model Railroad Control System
 +Exec=/​home/​pi/​Projects/​Rocrail/​unxbin/​rocview -sp /​home/​pi/​Projects/​Rocrail/​unxbin -l /​home/​pi/​Projects/​Rocrail/​unxbin -themespath /​home/​pi/​Projects/​Rocrail/​rocview
-Now you must be able to compile and run the Rocgui on your system.+</​code>​
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