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 +====== Clock Service ======
 +[[:​english#​rocrail_server|{{ ​ :​server.png}}]][[:​english|{{ ​ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[english | Content ]] -> [[english#​rocrail|Rocrail Server]] -> [[rocrailini-en | Configuration]] ​
 +  * [[rocrailini-gen-en|General]] | [[rocrailini-trace-en|Trace]] | [[rocrailini-service-en|Services]] | [[rocrailini-automode-en|Automode]] | [[rocrailini-controller-en|Controller]]
 +    * **Clock Service** ​
 +// \\ // \\
 +The Rocrail clients get timer events from the Rocrail server and these events can be configured.
 +This service is always started and by default reports the real current time every minute.
 +To get a faster clock you can edit the rocrail.ini by hand or by dialog.
 +Schedules are linked to the clock and also run correctly when using a **fast** clock.
 +To get a clock running two times faster as the real time:
 +<code xml>
 +  <clock divider="​2"/>​
 +Restart the Rocrail server to activate the changes.
 +====Valid divider values====
 +The following range for the divider is valid: 1...100.\\
 +Check the manual of the system which divider values are supported.\\
 + \\
 +Select "​Adjust clock" from the Rocview clock plate context menu:\\
 +The temperature can only be displayed with the **[[can-gc7-en|CAN-GC7 Fast Clock]]**.\\
 +===== Commands =====
 +Those commands are only available if the divider > 1, and can be found in the popup menu of the Rocgui Clock dialog.\\
 +==== Freeze ====
 +Freezes the clock for maintenance or just provide a pause for the operators.
 +==== Resume ====
 +Resume the clock after a freeze (pause).
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