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  \\  \\
 ====Setup USB LocoNet Rocrail==== ====Setup USB LocoNet Rocrail====
-{{:dr5000:rocrail_controller_dr5000-en.png|}} \\ +{{:dr5000:dr5000-controller-en.png|}} \\ 
-{{:dr5000:dr5000_loconet_interface-en.png?​281|}} {{:​dr5000:​dr5000-loconet-options.png?​263|}} {{:​dr5000:​dr5000-loconet-details-en.png?​263|}} \\+{{:dr5000:dr5000-loconet-interface-en.png?​281|}} {{:​dr5000:​dr5000-loconet-options.png?​263|}} {{:​dr5000:​dr5000-loconet-details-en.png?​263|}} \\
 More details are described below. \\ More details are described below. \\
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