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 +| [[france|{{rocrail-logo-35.png}}]] | **LocoNet via TCP permet aux clients LocoNet de partager un LocoBuffer.** |
 +[[france|Tables des matières]] | [[digital_central_fr|Les centrales digitales]] | [[loconet-fr|LocoNet]]
 +Survol du LBServer: http://​​
 +depuis la version svn1101
 +Un exemple de fichier rocrail.ini:​
 +<digint iid="​loconet_1"​ lib="​loconet"​ sublib="​socket"​ host="​localhost"​ port="​1234"​ timeout="​500"​ swtime="​500"/>​
 +====[[#​headline2]]Exemple de session avec Rocrail:​====
 +./LbServer 1 12345 19200
 +LocoBuffer Server version 0.7, for protocol version 1, built Mar 30 2007,
 +released under GPL by Stefan Bormann. Linux port by Ian Cunningham.
 +Loconet device port opened on /dev/ttyS0 with 19200 baud and CTS flow control.
 +TCP server started on port 12345.
 +Output uses single characters for increased performance:​
 +R=received packet, .=nothing received but event was signaled :-(
 +s=send request, S=sent successfully,​ e=send error
 +C=client connected, D=client disconnected
 +(ce n'est pas du spam)
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