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 ====From==== ====From====
-Activate ​this light from time.\\+Time when to activate ​this light.\\
 Format: HH:mm\\ Format: HH:mm\\
 ====To==== ====To====
-Deactivate ​this light to time.\\+Time when to deactivate ​this light.\\
 Format: HH:mm\\ Format: HH:mm\\
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 ====RGB==== ====RGB====
 Color support for __**[[:​output-color-en|Outputs]]**__.\\ Color support for __**[[:​output-color-en|Outputs]]**__.\\
 +====Week days====
 +If a light is not scheduled for the actual week day, it will not be touched; If its on, it stays on, and if its off, it stays off.\\
 +==== Example ====
 +This example {{:​lightctrl:​|}} was made with Rocrail Version 2.1.258 and demonstrates continuous, blinking and random light control. \\ \\
 +{{:​lightctrl:​lightcontrol_test3-en.png|}} \\
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