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   *  [[:​before-en|Before You Start]] | **Quick Guide** | [[:​stepbystep-en|Step-by-Step Tutorials]]   *  [[:​before-en|Before You Start]] | **Quick Guide** | [[:​stepbystep-en|Step-by-Step Tutorials]]
- \\ 
-|  Just a few mouse clicks... ​ | 
  \\  \\
 =====Ubuntu Example===== =====Ubuntu Example=====
-The screen shots were made under Ubuntu ​18.10, 64bit, and minimal installation.\\+The screen shots were made under Ubuntu ​20.04.10, 64bit, and minimal installation.\\
 ====Open a WEB Browser==== ====Open a WEB Browser====
 Open FireFox and goto https://​\\ Open FireFox and goto https://​\\
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 ====Select the installer==== ====Select the installer====
 __**[[:​download-int#​linux|See the list of compatible distributions.]]**__\\ __**[[:​download-int#​linux|See the list of compatible distributions.]]**__\\
-Select the installer ​for Ubuntu:\\ +Select the ZIP Installer ​for the used Ubuntu ​version:\\ 
 ====Open the installer==== ====Open the installer====
 Click on the installer and let it be opened by the default application:​\\ Click on the installer and let it be opened by the default application:​\\
 ====Install Rocrail==== ====Install Rocrail====
-Click on installBe sure you are administrator,​ __**[[​Sudo|sudoer]]**__. (You will be automatically administrator if you installed Ubuntu your self on your Personal Computer.)\\ +Click on Extract:​\\ 
-{{:install:ubuntu-install-4.png?600}}\\ +{{:​zip:​archivemanager-start-extract-en.png?​600}}\\ 
-{{:install:ubuntu-install-5.png?600}}\\+Create the ~/Rocrail folder:\\ 
 +The unzipped files are shown in the file explorer:\\ 
 +====First Install Scripts==== 
 +| These steps are only needed in case Rocrail was not installed. Not needed in case of an update. | 
 +Open a terminal window:\\ 
 + \\ 
 +To install the needed wxWidgets library, which is needed for Rocview, start with sudo the ./\\ 
 +Start ./ to create a Rocview Desktop link, (Do __not__ start this script with prefix sudo!)\\ 
 + \\ 
 +The desktop link must be allowed to launch.\\ 
 +Initially it looks not like the Rocrail Icon:\\ 
 +Just allow launching with this link:\\ 
 ====Start Rocview==== ====Start Rocview====
-Type in "​roc"​ to find the Rocview ​application,​ and select it:\\ +Just (double)click ​the Rocview ​Desktop Link.\\
 ====Open the Demo Workspace==== ====Open the Demo Workspace====
 Select from the __**[[:​rocgui-menu-en|Rocview Menu]]**__: **File -> Demo Workspace**:​\\ Select from the __**[[:​rocgui-menu-en|Rocview Menu]]**__: **File -> Demo Workspace**:​\\
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  \\  \\
-===== Directories ===== 
-====Meta directory names==== 
-  * {app} = Common application directory: "​**''/​opt''​**"​. 
-  * {home} = User data directory: "​**''​$HOME''​**"​. 
- \\ 
-^ Directory ​ ^ Components ​ ^ Uninstall ^ 
-| {app}/​rocrail | Binaries; rocrail, rocview, *.so | yes | 
-| {app}/​rocrail | Scripts; *.sh | yes | 
-| {app}/​rocrail/​icons | Toolbar icons; *.png | yes | 
-| {app}/​rocrail/​svg | SVG Themes | yes | 
-| {app}/​rocrail/​web | RocWeb files | yes | 
-| {home}/​rocrail | Layout files; *.xml | no | 
-| {home}/​rocrail | Ini files; *.ini | no | 
-| {home}/​rocrail/​images | Image files; *.png, *.xpm, *.gif | no, some example files will remain | 
-| {home}/​rocrail/​stylesheets | Stylesheets for documentation | no | 
-| {home}/​rocrail/​decspecs | RocPro decoder definitions | no |\\ 
- ​\\ ​ 
-===== Short Cuts ===== 
-Short cuts are copied in **''/​usr/​share/​applications''​** and will mostly show up in the Games menu, depending of the used [[https://​​wiki/​Window_manager|Window Manager]].\\ 
-These short cuts will call the shell scripts found in the **''​{app}/​rocrail''​**.\\ 
- \\ 
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