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Line 23: Line 23:
 {{clock-menu-en.png}}\\ {{clock-menu-en.png}}\\
 +====Plan view====
 +{{ :​rocview:​rocview-mdi.jpg?​200}}
 +  * Notebook view 
 +  * Multi window view (MDI) -> Deprecated: Use AUI instead.
 +  * Docking view (AUI)
 ====Widget Width==== ====Widget Width====
Line 220: Line 225:
   * __**[[tracks-index-en|Tracks]]**__   * __**[[tracks-index-en|Tracks]]**__
-====Multi window view==== 
-{{ :​rocview:​rocview-mdi.jpg?​200}} 
-Shows all track plan levels in separate windows.\\ 
-__Not to use with modular layouts!__\\ 
-Supported platforms: 
-  * macOS 
-  * Windows 
-//Under Linux GTK it is represented as a notebook which is the same as the normal TabView.//​\\ 
->Note: If this option is disabled again the __**[[:​rocgui-menu-en#​track_plan1|Show Track Plan]]**__ option will be reactivated.\\ 
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