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 +====== Virtual Keyboard ======
 +[[:​english#​rocview|{{ ​ :​viewer.png}}]][[:​english|{{ ​ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[:​english|Content]] -> [[:​english#​rocview|Rocview ]]
 +  * **Virtual Keyboard**
 + \\
 +The virtual keyboard is only of interest in case a touch screen is used without a connected real keyboard to the computer.\\
 +In case of a Raspberry Pi solution this is a common situation.\\
 + \\
 +=====Activating the keyboard=====
 +Some text fields can be edit by the virtual keyboard In dialogs which feature the **[ABC]** button.\\ ​
 +  - Select the text field which to be edit by a single click.
 +  - Push on the **[ABC]** button on the bottom of the dialog.
 + \\
 +=====Keyboard layout=====
 +The shift key is the on the bottom left with a **[ ^ ]** sign.\\
 +The new text will be used in case the **[Enter]** button is clicked.\\
 +With the **[DE]** button can be changed between the international and german layout.\\
 +====International Layout====
 +====German Layout====
 + \\
 +=====System virtual keyboard=====
 +====Linux Matchbox Keyboard====
 +To install a system wide virtual keyboard just install the following package:
 +sudo apt-get install matchbox-keyboard
 + \\
 +====Windows On-Screen Keyboard====
 +**Go to Start , then select Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard**, and then move the slider under On-Screen Keyboard. \\
 +A keyboard appears on the screen that can be used to move around the screen and enter text. The keyboard will remain on the screen until you close it.\\
 +  * https://​​en-us/​help/​10762/​windows-use-on-screen-keyboard
 + \\
 +====Mac OSX====
 +  * http://​​2013/​06/​21/​mac-virtual-keyboard-os-x/​
 + \\
 +This virtual keyboard can also be used with Rocview, but its an external dialog which must be on screen and reachable to be of any use.\\
 +The Rocview integrated keyboard is preferable.\\
 + \\
 +Tip: Highly recommended for administration tasks. (Without a real keyboard connected.)\\
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