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 +====== Opstelblok Details ======
 +[[:​dutch#​componenten|{{ :​objects.png}}]][[:​dutch|{{ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[:​dutch|Inhoud]] -> [[:​tabellen_nl|Tabellen]] ​
 +  * [[:​stageblock:​stage-index-nl|Index]] | [[:​stageblock:​stage-gen-nl|Algemeen]] | [[:​stageblock:​stage-sections-nl|Secties]] | **[[:​stageblock:​stage-details-nl|Details]]**
 + \\
 + \\
 +===== Details =====
 +These settings are for the last section only where the train starts running in auto mode again.\\
 +See **[[:​block-details-en|Block Details]]** for a description of all settings.\\
 +====Best choice====
 +This option will help to get trains choosing this staging block instead of other blocks.\\ ​
 +A random choice will happen if more then one available blocks to choose from have this option.\\
 +====In event at train length====
 +Generate the **in** event if the train completely fits in the staging block instead of reaching the destination section to free up the previous block.\\
 +Checks every second if auto mode is enabled and if the head section is free and one or more trains are in the stagingblock to trigger compression.\\
 +Compression is normally triggered by sensor events and lock/unlock commands, but under certain conditions this is not possible and in this case the watchdog will trigger it.\\
 + \\
 +===== Commands =====
 +==== Compress ====
 +  * Move the occupying trains towards the end section to fill up gaps and make room at the start.
 +  * Turn on the auto mode of the train waiting in the end section if the exit state is open.
 +==== Close/Open exit ====
 +Controls the output flow, exit, of the staging block.\\
 +==== In/Out of Operation ====
 +Controls the input flow, enter, of the staging block.\\
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