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 The code is available at http://​​dagnall53/​RocClientThrottle The code is available at http://​​dagnall53/​RocClientThrottle
 +Note the photos below are of an old version, the new code uses a rotary switch and has membrane switches on the outside of the box.. I will update when I have time.. The Github has the most recent code. 
 ===== Use ===== ===== Use =====
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 ===== Message formats ===== ===== Message formats =====
 For reference: ​ For reference: ​
-My ESProcnetsound ([[https://​​dagnall53/​ESPMQTTRocnetSound]]) modules use ROCNET protocol sent over a MQTT "​wiring"​. \\ +the original version of this used rocnet, but it now uses RCP.. 
-Rocnet ​uses a very specific protocol described in ([[https://​​doku.php?​id=rocnet:​rocnet-prot-en]]).+
-The Throttle and Switch use what Rocrail calls a "​Client Service",​ sent over MQTT. \\ 
-This sends ASCII type messages and not "​RocNet"​ messages see: [[:​rocrailini-service-en#​mqtt_service|MQTT Service]]. ​ 
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