Operator Control

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The train control is supposed to be done with a real throttle for the manual parts of operation.


Name / identification of the selected train. A newly generated identifier “NEW” should be changed to a unique name / identifier.


Locomotive ID to use with this consist. If the locomotive has Multiple Units defined they will also be controled by this ID.
This is only relevant for manual mode.

Train assembling for automatic mode takes place in the Index or in Loco, in these cases this field can be left empty.


Location of the train.


Reserve the location for the loco and train.


Set the location of the train independently of the loco.


If a train is dissolved or removed from the layout, the field Location should be cleared.
The first (empty) entry from the Location selection list should selected and set.


Set the destination target from the current location.


Start the run to the GoTo destination in Auto Mode.


Start the run to the GoTo destination in manual mode.

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