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 +====== Auto Commands ======
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[english#​automatic mode|Automatic Mode]] ​
 +  * **Commands** ​
 + \\
 +===== Auto mode ON =====
 +This command will enable the auto mode and set all **signals**,​ linked to a block, to **red**.\\
 +===== Start all locs =====
 +All locos in the list will receive a go command.\\
 +===== Stop all locs =====
 +All running locos in auto mode will be send a stop request. The actual stop depends on which state the auto mode is for a certain loco. A defined stop is after the **in** event in a block.\\
 +===== Resume all locs =====
 +This command will start all trains which were running in auto mode before the last **Stop all** command was issued.\\
 +In the Rocview loco pane the mode is prefixed with an asterisk if the resume flag is set.\\
 +===== Emergency Stop =====
 +The keyboard key **Pause** can be used as Emergency Stop.\\
 +An alternative solution is using a Sensor input setup with a System.Stop action.\\
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