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 +====== Block Enter Side ======
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[english#​automatic mode|Automatic Mode]] ​
 +  * **Block enter side** ​
 + \\
 +| Read also: __**[[:​stepbystep-en|Step by step]]**__ |\\
 + \\
 +=====No destination found=====
 +For novice users the wrong block enter side could be the cause of "**No destination found**"​.\\
 +In this screen shot the train points in the opposite direction as the routes are defined:\\
 +====Block context menu====
 +With the block context menu the block enter side can be corrected with "​**Swap block enter side**":​\\
 +====The right block enter side====
 +After correcting the block enter side the train points in the right direction and is ready to depart:\\
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