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 +====== Competition ======
 +[[:​english#​rocview|{{ ​ :​viewer.png}}]][[:​english|{{ ​ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[:​english|Content]] -> [[:​english#​rocview|Rocview ]]
 +  * **Competition**
 + \\
 +| Menu location | //Rocview -> Control -> Competition//​ | 
 +| Toolbar icon | {{:​competition:​finish.png}} |\\
 + \\
 +The Competition function is originally implemented for slot or train racing.\\
 +But it can also be useful for watching the time needed for one complete (schedule) run. It also shows the average speed in km/h.\\
 +The Competition dialog automatically pops up, if not already active, at a Competition event coming from the Rocrail Server.\\
 + \\
 +The Competitions only uses real time and not the fast clock for calculating elapsed time and km/h.\\
 + \\
 +The basic setup for a Competition is very simple and needs only one sensor, the total length and the used gauge.\\
 +If the used sensor(s) can scan the identity of the passing vehicle the ID will be shown on the main Competition tab, and every vehicle becomes its own record.\\
 +If the used sensor are not capable of scanning the passing vehicle ID, and every vehicle passes always the same finish sensor, it can be set in the Event table.\\
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