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 +======Dinamo Car Support =======
 +[[:​english#​automatic mode|{{ ​ :​automat.png}}]][[:​english|{{ ​ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[english#​automatic mode|Automatic Mode]] -> **Car / Automobile**
 +  * **Dinamo/​MCC** ​
 +    * [[automobile-blocks-en|Tips for blocks and sensors]]
 +// \\ // \\
 +Dinamo/MCC is a system to realistically control the speed and lights of scale model cars. Every vehicle has an addressable decoder. This decoder controls the motor, lights and other available functions of the car. The basic concept is simple to implement and easy to understand and identical to the operation of digital trains, except for the strange rubber wheels and the battery.
 +Since there is no electrical contact between the road and the vehicle, communication is wireless. The road is converted into a transmission system, simply by adding 2 inexpensive copper wires just below the surface and thus invisible. The decoder in the car picks up the signals from the road and can be controlled by the PC instantaneously. The road is also equipped with detectors. If placed in the right spot reed switches are triggered by the steering magnet. The PC receives the detector messages and “knows” where the cars are at that moment in time.
 +The available functions of the current decoder (MCCdec02):
 +  * Addressable by 4095 different addresses
 +  * Integrated cruise control with a PID regulator, this enables the car to drive very slowly.
 +  * Smooth acceleration and braking with multiple profiles
 +  * In total 9 outputs for functions. 2 are designated to blinkers, the other 7 can be freely configured, e.g. for head-lights,​ brakes, lights, gyrolights, flashlights,​ driving sound chips, etc
 +  * Emergency stop if the decoder looses the control signals
 +  * Sleep mode to save power when the system is switched off, the cars wake up when a signal is received again
 +  * Battery monitoring
 +  * Extensive software configuration,​ no need for a separate programming track
 +  * Configurable 4 channel sequencer for self-designed light-effects
 +  * Works on a battery voltage of 0,9V .. 4,1V
 +More information on Dinamo/MCC can be found at [[http://​​mccintro_uk.html|Dinamo/​MCC]]
 + ​\\ ​
 +=====Function mapping=====
 +{{  mcc-trucks.jpg}}
 +^  Rocrail ​ ^  MCC  ^
 +| fn | light |
 +| f1 | brake |
 +| f2 | left blink |
 +| f3 | right blink |
 +| f4 | not used |
 +| f5 | F1 |
 +| f6 | F2 |
 +| f7 | F3 |
 +| f8 | F4 |
 + ​\\ ​
 +=====Decoder interface setup=====
 +See [[loc-int-en|Loc Interface]] for the description of all fields.
 +Only the following is slightly different:
 +Choose the **Car** for sending the Car speed and function commands.
 +Is used as the acceleration parameter.
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