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 +====== GCA189-b Main power switch for fiddle yard ======
 +===== Description =====
 +When moving the fiddle yard sledge, and with either slider contacts or GCA198 boards installled,
 +the trains \\ 
 +that are standing on the fiddle yard, will be switched on for short moments.\\
 +I do not like that, specially when sound modules are active.\\
 +So I need a general switch to power off the complete fiddle yard, when moving.\\
 +This board provides that.
 +The 12V relay is supplied via 12 V regulator from the rail power, and activated with the Fiddle Yard Ready signal from GCA145.\\
 +Two connectors make it easy to just put this board between the commanding GCA50 (or CAN-GC2/​GCA_PI02) \\
 +and the GCA145 J5.\\
 +===== The built main switch =====
 +===== Hardware files =====
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