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 +====== GCA198, ​ very low speed step motor controller with adjustable speed and functions======
 +[[english|{{ ​ rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[hardware-en|Hardware]] -> [[hardware-en#​locoio|GCA]]
 +  *  [[mgv-overview-en|The GCA Modules]]
 +{{  :​gca:​gca198_proto_02.png?​150}}
 + \\
 + \\
 +^^^^By Peter Giling ^^^^
 +===== Very low speed is sometimes not easy to achieve =====
 +Many applications in the modelrailraod require a very slow turning motor.\\
 +For that purpose there are a few options but mostly pretty expensive, which\\
 +is not the fact with the 28BYJ-48 stepper motor, famous from many applications in Arduino world.\\
 +This motor is ususally delivered together with a small driver module.\\
 +To control this, an Arduino-nano or higher is used.\\
 +This GCA198 board avoids the use of these boards and also supply, because it connects to standard transformer with 8-16V dc output.\\
 +Dc supply 10-16V is also possible.\\
 +All that is necessary is on-board, like regulator(s) for 5V, the output driver chip, trimmer P1 to control speed and\\
 +P2 for setting the interval time.\\
 +Addional dip-switches for setting running direction and half/full steps.\\
 +It makes a much more compact installation possible.\\
 +The motor 28BYJ-48 itself, together with the integral gearbox, is making 4096 steps for one turn.\\
 +This will very much restrict a high speed, because of each step should be more than 1200 mSec.,\\
 +but for very low speeds , this unit is perfect.\\
 +The processor on board is a cheap PIC16F688 with a very simple basic program.\\
 +This program is written with the use of PICsimulator IDE from .\\
 +The on board led shows when motor is running.\\
 +The trimmers can also been replaced by a 3-pin PSS 254 connector, which then\\
 +connects to front mounted potmeters on your switch board.\\
 +Other stepper motors van also be used, the best results come with single phase motors (5 wire connection).\\
 +The stepper motor has its own power regulator (VR1), so stepper motors with other voltage are also optinal,\\
 +just by selecting the right regulator for VR1. \\
 +Even supplying the motor without VR1 is possible, as long as the powersupply to the board matches the stepper motor voltage,\\
 +But power supply to the board should be minimal 9V dc or 7 V ac.\\
 +===== Software =====
 +|{{:​gca:​|Software sources and .hex file}} ​ |
 +===== Hardware files =====
 +|  {{:​gca:​gca198_sch.pdf|The diagram ​ }}  |
 +|  {{:​gca:​gca198_pcb.pdf|The pcboard with parts positions}} ​ |
 +|  {{:​gca:​gca198_parts.pdf|The bill of materials}} ​ |
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