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 {{:​zip:​firsttime-scripts-en.jpg?​600}}\\ {{:​zip:​firsttime-scripts-en.jpg?​600}}\\
  \\  \\
-The desktop link must be allowed ​launching.\\+The desktop link must be allowed ​to launch.\\
 Initially it looks not like the Rocrail Icon:\\ Initially it looks not like the Rocrail Icon:\\
 {{:​zip:​new-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\ {{:​zip:​new-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\
-Just allow launching this link:\\+Just allow launching ​with this link:\\
 {{:​zip:​allow-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\ {{:​zip:​allow-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\
 {{:​zip:​allowed-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\ {{:​zip:​allowed-desktoplink-en.jpg?​600}}\\
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