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 +====== Philips HUE ======
 +[[:​italian#​centrali_digitali|{{ ​ :​interface.png}}]][[:​italian|{{ ​ :​rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[:​italian|Indice]] -> [[:​italian#​centrali_digitali|Centrali Digitali]] -> **Philips**
 +  * **HUE**
 +{{ http://​​sites/​all/​themes/​developersMeethueBootstrap/​logo.png }}
 + \\
 +=====Basic functionality=====
 +With output commands the following functions can be controlled:
 +  * Turn bulbs on  and off
 +  * Set brightness -> The output value on the interface tab.
 +  * Set colour -> Needs additional output properties.
 + \\
 +Only the Hostname/​IP-Address and the User ID are used.\\ ​
 + \\
 +====Find the Bridge====
 +With the following http link the Bridge can be found:\\
 +The browser would show you something like this:
 +The ** internalipaddress** can be used as Hostname in the setup dialog.\\
 + \\
 +====Programmin the User ID====
 +Just push the __**[[:​pt-en#​pt|PT Button]]**__ on the Programming Tab to add the new User ID in the Bridge.\\
 +If the Link button was not pressed on the Bridge an error message will show up in the Server window; Just push the Link button on the Bridge and try again.\\
 + \\
 +===Interface ID===
 +The Interface ID of the HUE library.\\
 +The light number.\\
 +The parameter is used to set the Hue of the light if set greater then zero.\\
 +Not all light types do support this option and will report a parameter error.\\
 +The wanted brightness.\\
 +Activates the **alert effect** "​lselect";​ The light is performing breathe cycles for 30 seconds.\\ ​
 + \\
 +  * http://​​en-US
 +  * http://​​en-us/​what-is-hue/​the-system/​
 +  * http://​​tools-and-sdks
 +  * http://​​
 +  * http://​​questions/​22564187/​rgb-to-philips-hue-hsb
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