Block Permissions


:!: Caution in dealing with permissions! Only set when really needed and desired. Failure to correctly set permissions mean that trains do not find a destination and are a recurring theme in the forum.


To prevent certain Locomotives and or Trains entering a block in automatic mode this tab can be used to define which are permitted or not.
The include list is evaluated first. If empty the exclude list is evaluated.

The screen shot shows that only E03 and V200 are allowed to enter this block.

Individual Random rate

The number under the include list represents the individual random rate for the selected ID.
This value can be changed if the ID is selected.
The block random rate will be used if this value is zero. (Default)


Specifies which train types are allowed. All are allowed if no train type is selected.
Further information is found Here.

Commuter train

Sets the permission for commuter trains in this block. A description on how to setup commuter trains is described in "Setting up a commuter train".
:!: The “only” option will disallow all normal trains to use this block.


A comma separated list of allowed Loco Classes.

  • This has no effect if left empty.
  • Can be modified by the Block action class.


The allowed Loco Eras. All are allowed if no Era is selected.

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