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Name Description Units
s1 sensor one to trigger the measurement ID
s2 sensor two to trigger the calculation ID
distance distance between s1 and s2 mm
scale locomotive gauge/scale: H0=87, N=160… -
mph Miles Per Hour true/false

The sensors may also be used by a block; they both will get the events.
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The measure value can used with the rocrail variable %mvspeed% as dynamic text in a action of typ "text".
The action must called with status “in” in the action control of “MVTrack”.
The example assumes that the text field txtSpeed is defined.

Text action “measure”Action control of the MVTrack
calling the action “measure”

Using existing blocks

This feature is also available in blocks.
The measure value is than transfer in the rocrail variable %bkmvspeed% to the block action control.

Result view

The average velocity is shown in the Rocgui server window:

In case of MPH the calculated KM/H is multiplied by 0.621371192.

How to define the distance

In case of current sensors measure the distance between the start of s1 and the start of s2 in mm.

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