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The Rocrail documentation is kept up to the daily state of development (Nightly Build).
This Wiki is maintained against the main line of development. Some features could be not available or are different implemented in your revision of Rocrail, but it is mostly noted with a revision number.

Options and features not documented in the Wiki are for developers only and should not be a trigger to open a Forum thread.

New to Rocrail? This guide shows the first basic steps and contexts for a successful start with Rocrail.

Rocrail - First steps

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Rocview Rocview-Client
Rocview is the PC-based operator interface for Rocrail

Mobil-Anwendungen Mobile Clients
User interface for mobile devices

Rocrail-Server Rocrail-Server
The Rocrail Server is the central control for the operation of a model railroad

Objekte Rocrail-Objects
Rocrail objects define the layout and its properties from A (as in Action) to U (as in Utilities)

Zentralen Command Stations supported by Rocrail
Information on the comprehensive support and integration of various digital Command Stations

Automatik-Betrieb Automatic operation
Settings and features in automatic mode

Modular Layouts Modular layouts
Configuration modular layout installations

Hardware Hardware
Rocrail specific DIY (Do-it-Yourself) hardware developments

Functions and relationships
Description of the relationships between settings in different objects

Rocrail error report or Rocrail error report Rocrail error or bug reporting
How to post a well structured problem message in the Forum

User tips & tricks
Examples of solutions to a number of specific tasks (mostly in German)



Getting Started

Demo layouts


Rocrail runs entirely on volunteer labor. However, Rocrail also needs contributions of money. Your continued support is vital for keeping Rocrail available.


The Client



Track Layout

Control Dialogs

Programming Dialogs

Mobile Clients

Wireless fun for all.


Web Browser




Objects for defining a layout.

Command Stations

Connecting Rocrail with the Command Station(s)
Recommended pages to read first:


Emulated CS

Digital Direct









  • TCCS (Train Coupling & Communication System)


Automatic mode

Let the computer run the trains.

By creating a layout with Sensors, Blocks, and Routes, and then assigning your Locomotives to the Blocks, Rocrail can move the Locomotives by itself. You can use Schedules and Critical Sections to create and fine-tune complex movements for each Locomotive.


Operating mode

Car Systems

Simulation without hardware

Manual mode

Modular Layouts


  • Follow this link: Hardware.

Trouble Shooting

Take the following actions if you encounter problems using Rocrail:

  1. Read the Wiki Documentation. Use search function in the Wiki (bottom left panel)
  2. Search for similar problems and their solutions on the Rocrail Forum.
  3. Consult Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests for further steps

Jump only to the next item in the list if the previous did not solve the problem!

Be Aware


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