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 +======Setting up a commuter train======
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[english#​automatic mode|Automatic Mode]] ​
 +  * **Setting up a commuter train  ** 
 +// \\ // \\
 +===== Setting Up Commuter Trains =====
 +Commuter trains are trains allowed to change their running direction situation-related. Generally these are trains which can drive in any direction without requiring locomotive shunting.
 +Trains __exclusively__ running between **[[:​block-gen-en#​terminal_station|Terminal Stations]]**,​ however, do not necessarily need to be defined as commuter trains provided option **[[:​rocrailini-automode-en#​stop_none_commuter_in_terminal|Stop Non-Commuter Trains in Terminal]]** in the Rocrail properties is deactivated.
 +In order to run a train as a commuter train the following conditions have to be met:
 +  * Option **[[:​loc-details-en#​commuter_train|Commuter Train]]** has to be activated in the loco properties.
 +  * Each block the train should be able to access must **[[:​block-permissions-en#​commuter_train|allow commuter trains]]**.
 +  * Each block the train should be allowed to change direction within must either **[[:​block-gen-en#​allow_change_direction|allow direction changes]]** or has to be defined as a **[[:​block-gen-en#​terminal_station|Terminal Station]]**.
 + \\
 +==== Commuter Trains Between Stopover Blocks ====
 +Trains shuttling between stopover blocks, i. e. blocks not representing end blocks of a line, are sometimes referred to as yo-yo trains. This type of train is achieved if one or more stopover blocks allow direction changes.
 +Even then trains do only change their direction if
 +  * the train has to wait in a block due to the **[[:​block-details-en#​wait|waiting properties]]** of this block - in this case the exit side of the block is set by random choice - or
 +  * if Rocrail is not able to find a destination opposite to the block enter side (i. e. in driving direction) because the following block
 +    * does not allow commuter trains or
 +    * is occupied or
 +    * is out of operation or
 +    * can not be accessed due to other reasons like, e. g., block permissions
 +In these cases routes leaving the block enter side - if any - are evaluated, too. In case a route is found the placing of the loco and the block enter side will be swapped allowing the train to leave the block in opposite direction. \\
 + \\
 +==== Example plan ====
 +{{:​automode:​commuter-blockside-plan.png|}} \\
 +Download the plan-file: {{automode:​}}
 + \\
 +In this example loco 1016 is defined as commuter train. The loco __may__
 +  * enter blocks B3, B4, B5 and B6 because commuter trains are allowed in these blocks
 +  * not enter blocks B1, B2 and B7 because commuter trains are not allowed in these blocks
 +  * change its running direction in blocks B3, B4, B5 and B6 because block properties allow for
 +The loco __will__ change its running direction
 +  * in B3 sometimes (at random) due to the waiting properties of this particular block
 +  * in B4 only if it cannot drive to neither B6 nor B5 or, in opposite direction, it cannot drive to B3
 +  * in B5 only if it cannot drive to B3 or, in opposite direction, it cannot drive to B4
 +  * always in B6 because it can leave the block only in the direction it came from
 + \\
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