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 +{{  rocrail-logo-32.png}}
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[english#​rocview|Rocview]]->​[[english#​general|General]] ​
 +  *  [[rocgui-config-en|Configuration]] | [[loc-tab-en|Locomotives Tab]] | [[gui-accel-en|Accelerators]] | [[gui-cs-status-en|Status Lights]] | [[gui-multi-en|Use multiple Gui's for viewing]] | **Reports**
 + \\
 +| //Please consider the environment before printing reports.// |
 + \\
 +=====Creating lists of objects defined in the plan=====
 +For certain objects of the plan Rocrail provides reports. Users might access these reports on the index tab of 
 +objects by hitting the documentation button:
 +The defined standard browser of the operating system will be launched to display the report. ​
 +The layout of the report is done by XSL formatting. The corresponding stylesheets are located OOTB in the directory '​stylesheets',​ but the
 +this directory can be configured in rocview.ini directly or using File -> Rocview properties:
 +The name of the XSL has a postfix indicating the language of the report. The language of the report is chosen based on the used language for Rocview.\\
 +If the report is not available in a language it will be displayed in the English version. \\
 +:!: Please use your own directory, if you plan to change the XSL files. Otherwise your changes will be overwritten during the next installation.\\
 +| {{attention.png}} | Firefox 3.0.1 and later might cause problems while displaying the reports. |
 +Due to some security enhancements Firefox 3.0.1 doesn'​t allow OOTB to link local content (stylesheet).\\
 +If you experience this problem please change the corresponding Firefox preference:
 +  * Open FireFox
 +  * Open the URL **about:​config** (See screen shot below.)
 +  * Accept the nice warning (as usual)
 +  * Search for the preference **security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy**
 +  * Change it to **false** by double clicking the corresponding line
 +  * Close Firefox
 +  * Try it again 
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