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Wiki writer guidelines

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Main rules

  1. The English translation is leading.
  2. If pages are added in an other translation then those new pages should be added in the English translation too.
  3. Updating a translation other then English should update the English page too if necessary.
  4. Do not try to optimize the layout for your current web browser.
  5. A page starts always with a H1 title followed by H2 paragraphs.
    This is very important for future processing like offline Wiki versions!
  6. Do not try to communicate with the Wiki reader! Avoid using the 'you' word!

Page header example

====== (H1)Page Title ======
[[:english#SECTION|{{  :SECTION.png}}]][[:english|{{  :rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
[[:english|Content]] -> [[:english#SECTION|SECTION]] -> **SUBSECTION** 

//Optional small introduction about this page.//

===== (H2)Paragraph 1 =====

===== (H2)Paragraph n =====

Replace SECTION and SUBSECTION appropriated.

Screen shots & Photos

  • Down scale screen shots to 75% before uploading.
  • Down scale photos to 800 pixels if they are larger then 800 pixels in width or in height before uploading.

Photos are shown in tables next to each other, they should be formatted to a uniform height if possible:

{{...?800}}   = Width 800 Pixel
{{...?0x400}} = Hight 400 Pixel 

External Documents

Avoid writing documentation in PDF or other external formats: Write it in the Wiki so everybody can read it and change it at once.
external documents are only snapshots and are most likely very fast out of date.

Page file names

Rocview uses for help Wiki links, and depends on the selected language. (If available.)
Translations must follow the page filename scheme of the English part of the Wiki. Any other scheme will break the help for this translation.

Wiki file name
Rocview reference Suffixes
object-tab -en, -de, -it, -nl1)

Its important not to change the file name of the page if translating for a specific language; Change only the suffix.
:!: Do not use underscores in file names.

Rocview Help


Mostly the section header names are for each language different.
To use section links the header must be prefixed with the following HTML:

<html><a name="events"/></html>

The name attribute must contain the English section header name in lower case and without blanks: "Port setup" → "portsetup"
A help link like "" will work for all translations.

  • Note: HTML jump labels can also be used if positions are to be linked that are not marked with the headings ====== H1 ====== to == H5 ==.
The NL Wiki does not follow the English scheme and will have many broken links.
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