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CAN-GCA Overview

Professional boards & kits
:!: Only Kits bought from Giling Computer Applications directly are legal and supported in the Forum.

CANBUS - A universal layout control system

CAN-GCA modules are based on MERG CBUS which is based on the industrial CAN Bus.

Copyright© MERG and Rocrail.
Commercial use is prohibited.

Example Network


Bus termination

The very high noise immunity is achieved by ensuring that the differential impedance of the bus is maintained at a very low level using low value resistors (120 ohms) mounted at each end of the bus.

On all CAN-GC boards this termination resistor is already mounted and can be activated by setting a jumper.

Connection cable

The best suitable cable for connection between all CAN-GCx modules is CAT-5 cable, mostly known as CAT-5 Patchkabel cable.
Almost any computershop or DIY Market sells this cable for pretty low prices. (e.g. Reichelt 4X2 AWG26/7-10) cdn-reichelt.de_bilder_web_artikel_ws_e910_cat5patk.jpg

Function CAT-5 color Remark
1 GND brown/white
6 GND green/white mandatory¹
2 RailSync- orange/white ORD-3
7 CANL blue/white mandatory¹
3 Loconet green optional for mixed systems
8 CANH blue mandatory¹
4 RailSync+ orange ORD-3
9 Not used
5 +12V supply brown mandatory¹

¹) Minimal cable configuration.

Pin 2 and 4 are only needed when ORD-3 booster is used in the same system.
Changing wire colours could cause errors.

Reichelt Elektronik

Alternative cable

For testing and small layouts.

www.reichelt.de_bilder_web_artikel_c610_a2300.jpg Standard full wired male to female extension RS232 cables are allowed, but up to a certain limit. (e.g.: Reichelt AK2300)
It is never experienced how many can be used. A few will not disturb the communication, but it is not able to conduct the full 3 Amp of the CAN-GC1(e).

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