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CAN-GCA Overview


GCA CBUS supports a small subset of the CBUS protocol.
CBUS protocol documents are a copyright of Mike Bolton and Gil Fuchs

Professional boards & kits
:!: Only Kits bought from Giling Computer Applications directly are legal and supported in the Forum.

CANBUS - A universal layout control system

CAN-GCA module firmware is based on CAN using the industrial CAN Bus.

Example Network


Bus termination

The very high noise immunity is achieved by ensuring that the differential impedance of the bus is maintained at a very low level using low value resistors (120 ohms) mounted at each end of the bus.

On all CAN-GC boards this termination resistor is already mounted and can be activated by setting a jumper.

Connection cable

The best suitable cable for connection between all CAN-GCx modules is CAT-5 cable, mostly known as CAT-5 Patch cable.
Almost any computershop or DIY Market sells this cable for pretty low prices. (e.g. Reichelt 4X2 AWG26/7-10) cdn-reichelt.de_bilder_web_artikel_ws_e910_cat5patk.jpg

Function CAT-5 color Remark
1 GND brown/white
6 GND green/white mandatory¹
2 DCC-B orange/white Booster (RailSync-)
7 CANL blue/white mandatory¹
3 LN green LN, LocoNet, for mixed systems
8 CANH blue mandatory¹
4 DCC-A orange Booster (RailSync+)
9 Not used
5 +12V brown mandatory¹

¹) Minimal cable configuration.

Pin 2 and 4 are only needed when ORD-3 booster is used in the same system.
Changing wire colours could cause errors.

Reichelt Elektronik

Alternative cable

For testing and small layouts.

Standard full wired male to female extension RS232 cables are allowed, but up to a certain limit. (e.g.: Reichelt AK2300)
It is never experienced how many can be used. A few will not disturb the communication, but it is not able to conduct the full 3 Amp of the CAN-GC1(e).

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