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Install Rocrail on Raspberry Pi

A graphical Rocrail installation from scratch on a Raspberry Pi.

PiOS SD Preparation

To setup a SD Card for the Raspberry Pi, check this page:

Select PiOS 32bit Recommended.


Open the WEB Browser and surf to, and select "Windows & PiOS":

Select Installer

Select the "" download:


Wait until the ZIP file has been completely downloaded.
Open the ZIP file by clicking on the downloaded Rocrail file:

After the Xarchiver has been opened, seldect Menu → Action → Extract:

Set Target

Replace the "Extract to" target from "/tmp" with "/home/pi":

Then click on Extract.

First time install

The following steps are only needed at the first time installation of Rocrail.
Skip this if you only did extract an update.

Open the "File Manager", and open the /home/pi/Rocrail-ARMHF" folder:


Double click on the file:

and execute it in a terminal:

Confirm the question in the terminal with enter:

After the wxWidgets installation is ready, double click on the file, and execute it in a terminal:

Now the Rocrail Icon ist ready to launch:

File Manager Option

To avoid this question on double click the Rocrail Icon:

Change the File Manager Preferences, and select:

Rocrail Startup

After a double click on the Rocrail Icon, Rocview will startup:


Select Menu → File → Demo Workspace:

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