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GCA09 extra LocoNet / CAN supply


By Peter Giling


GCA LocoNet and CAN networks have a nice supply on the Ethernet and/or Serial communication interface.
But that is sometimes not enough.
For example with extra long line connections, it might be better to use an extra supply 'on the route'.
Also when too much current is needed for as large number of I/O units, this is very simple and nice way to solve that.
This simple board enables you to do that without complex connections.
A supply connector is getting 12-15V dc from a separate adapter or supply unit.
The board separates the 12V + line between the two SUB-D connectors.
The now added supply feeds the chain starting from the SUB-D female connector.
The unit can be connected with a standard SUB-D cable, like used between all units, but
can also be placed anywhere space is available. No extra cable needed here.

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