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 +===== G-ASH03 Shield for Arduino Nano for MARDEC DCC accessory decoder ​ ======
 +[[english|{{ ​ rocrail-logo-35.png}}]]
 +[[english|Content]] -> [[hardware-en|Hardware]] -> [[hardware-en#​arduino_nano_dcc_shield|GCA]]
 +  *  [[mgv-overview-en|The GCA modules]] ​
 + \\
 +^^^^By Peter Giling ^^^^
 +|  {{:​gca:​g-ash03_pict_01.jpg?​300}} ​ |  {{:​gca:​g-ash03_pict_02.jpg?​300}} ​ |
 +|  the assembled board with standard ​ \\  connectors for various ​ \\  GCA interface boards ​  ​| ​  Also only the board is  available ​ | 
 +===== Description =====
 +In Arduino world, there are many useful designs for Railroad.\\
 +Here is a shield for Arduino Uno to be used as a simple and cheap DCC accessory decoder.\\
 +It is based on the MARDEC design of Nico Teering.\\
 +MARDEC means  **M**ultifuntional **AR**duino dcc **DEC**oder.\\
 +See https://​​channel/​UC2ZutrHx-0kQUgmlaIxWwYw ​ \\
 +This shield enables you to use interface boards like GCA76, GCA77, ​ GCA173 ​ and many others. \\
 +Though MARDEC has many very useful options, it is just as described a accessory Decoder.\\
 +Which means that for feed-back you still will need LocoNet, CBUS or RocNet to establish that.\\
 +Also, unlike most other DCC decoders, it is not programmable via DCC commands.\\
 +It needs its own program to do that and is done by connecting the USB port to your computer.\\
 +How this is done, is explained in the Mardec manual, but up until now only in dutch.\\
 +The software itself runs completely in english language.\\
 +Complete program for Arduino Nano, and the manual are available by googling ​ '​MARDEC.ZIP'​.\\
 +The G-ASH03 is now available.\\
 +If you are interested: just download the, and unpack it anywhere on your PC.
 +Then run the ArCoMora file, and install it in a map of your choice.\\
 +This shield has a opto-isolated input for DCC signals, but can also be supplied from DCC power\\
 +just by setting the two jumpers.\\
 +With jumpers set,  DO NOT CONNECT any power source to PWR1 connector! ! !\\ 
 +===== Features =====
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