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G-ASH03 Shield for Arduino Nano for MARDEC DCC accessory decoder


By Peter Giling

the assembled board with standard
connectors for various
GCA interface boards
Also only the board is available


In Arduino world, there are many useful designs for Railroad.
Here is a shield for Arduino Uno to be used as a simple and cheap DCC accessory decoder.
It is based on the MARDEC design of Nico Teering.
MARDEC means Multifuntional ARduino dcc DECoder.
This shield enables you to use interface boards like GCA76, GCA77, GCA173 and many others.
Though MARDEC has many very useful options, it is just as described a accessory Decoder.
Which means that for feed-back you still will need LocoNet, CBUS or RocNet to establish that.
Also, unlike most other DCC decoders, it is not programmable via DCC commands.
It needs its own program to do that and is done by connecting the USB port to your computer.
How this is done, is explained in the Mardec manual, but up until now only in dutch.
The software itself runs completely in english language.
Complete program for Arduino Nano, and the manual are available by googling 'MARDEC.ZIP'.
The G-ASH03 is now available.
If you are interested: just download the, and unpack it anywhere on your PC. Then run the ArCoMora file, and install it in a map of your choice.
This shield has a opto-isolated input for DCC signals, but can also be supplied from DCC power
just by setting the two jumpers.
With jumpers set, DO NOT CONNECT any power source to PWR1 connector! ! !


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