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G_ASH03 DCC universal function decoder.


By Peter Giling


This is most certainly one out of many function decoders for DCC.
Based on the use of an Arduino Nano board, it contains software avalable from Mardec.
This unit can control up te 12 Servomotors, or has 16 output ports available.
These output ports make it very easy for use with various driver boards in the GCA collection.
Some of these boards are:

  • GCA76 8 x 5A output switch
  • GCA77 8 x 0,5 A output switch
  • GCA107 8 x relay board.

Because this unit is directly connected to DCC, it is not possible to use it for input.
GCA does not support S88 connections in any way.
Configuration and adjustment of servo's is done by use of special program, via USB port.
See descirption below.
The G-ASH-03 has an isolated input for DCC, and needs a separate power source like a 12V 1Amp adapter.
Two jumpers on board make it possible to use the DCC power from the rails for supply.
It is not my favorite, because:
a) you will need much more 'expensive' booster power with larger layouts.
b) any shut off in the DCC booster/command station will also cause the function decoder to stop


Firmware and configuration program

All you need can be found here:

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