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Axel and Rocrail

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English version will probably follow german version - see german version for up-to-date information…


My layout is modular gauge O. I use only DCC.

actual test equipment

  • Command stations
    • Intellibox 1
    • Lenz LZV100
    • Roco MultiZentralePRO
  • Throttles
    • 2 on Intellibox 1 (integrated)
    • 1 Multimaus (cable)
    • 1 Fremo Fred (cable)
    • 3 MultimausPRO (ZigBEE)
    • 2 Manhart Funky (DECT)
    • 1 iPod (WLAN)
    • 1 Android Mobile (WLAN, Samsung Galaxy S3mini)
    • optional 3 Roco Maus 1 (cable) (not really vital :-))
  • Accessories
    • XnTCP Ethernet-Xpressnet Interface
    • Lenz LI-USB USB-Xpressnet-Interface
    • RR-Ciruits Locobuffer-USB USB-LoconetInterface
    • old PC
    • WLAN-Router
    • Blücher GBM16XN occupancy detector (with RailCom)

So my "Personal Command Station" is named AGR-1 and is a Rocrail PC (1)! My goal is to connect and USE all my equipment.

As of today, everthing IS working, but still not together :-(

personal restrictions

  • I only want to use F0 up to F12 on my mobiles - more Fs on the Locos is wonderful, but I don't want to run them manually - they shound work/sound whenever apropriate automatically initiated by Rocrail!
  • I only want to use 28 speed steps
  • I don't want to use USB interfaces further
    • for Xpressnet I prefer XnTCP (present) over LI-USB (still present) or serial RS232
    • for Loconet I prefer GCA101 LocoNet-TCP/IP (mgv101-en, not present yet) over RR-Circuits Locobuffer-USB (present)

my function key settings

  • Fn, F0 front lights (toggle)
  • F1 back lights (toggle)
  • F2 decouple (momentary)
  • F3 motor sound (toggle)
  • F4 whistle (momentary)
  • F5 slow motion (toggle)
  • F6 interior light (?) (toggle)
  • F7 ringing (momentary)
  • F8 yet undefined
  • F9 Köf 2: sound: "Vorsicht! Weg vom Gleis!" (mometary)
  • F10 unused
  • F11 unused
  • F12 unused

Locos have more functions - I don't want to use them on my throttles, they should be activated by Rocrail. Later more, when the time comes…

test arrangement, first step: Loconet

  • Hardware:
    • Intellibox 1
    • Interface LocoBuffer-USB
    • Manhart Funky connected with Loconet
    • Rocrail installation as usual
    • track connected to Intellibox
  • Funktions:
    • with screenthrottle loco control works and F0 to F8
      • changes with screenthrottel is displayed on IB and Funky
    • with IB the functions F0 to F8 work (IB restriction)
      • changes with IB are transmitted an displayd on screenthrottle an Funky
    • with the Funky Loco control an F0 to F12 work to track
      • F0 to F8 are transmitted to IB an screenthrottle
  • Specialties:
    • F4 (momentary): works on Funky as expected - whistles as long as key is pressed! If I press F4 on IB, I can hear only a short whithle - it is switches off again immediately! When pressing F4 on screenthrottle, nothing happes - when releasing F4 is is shortly activated!
    • F9 (I can nor choose wheter momentary or toggle in the IB): works on Funky! I can toggle on screenthrottle. Does not work on IB, but is transmitted by IB to the Tracks! Wherever I press F9 it will NOT be transmitted to all other throttles! Rocrail seems to stay uninformed!


  • works pretty well! Regarding Funky: nearly perfect!

Arrangement, second step: WLAN

Arrangement, third step: Xpressnet

Does it work alltogether?

No. Not yet.

(1) What is a "Rocrail PC"?

  • Every Computer running the Rocrail Server Software will do. This icludes an OpenWRT Router, a RaspBerry or Arduino. Should be as fast as possible for best Rocrail performance. My current Rocrail PC is a Desktop Pentium 4 2,6GHz with 760MB Ram and Windows XP.

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