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andRoc External symbols

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Starting with andRoc version 325 external symbols are supported.
External symbols precede the internal symbols.


The symbol location is on the internal sdcard:



  • PNG
  • 32 pixel grid



o: 1 = horizontal, 2 = vertical
a: aspects
c: color=r/g/y/w
#: number
s: state=on/off

Object Symbols Remark
Accessory accessory_#_s_o.png
Block block_o.png
Small block block_o_s.png
Output button_on.png, button_off.png, button_active.png
Route route_o.png
Sensor sensor_on_o.png, sensor_off_o.png
Curve sensor csensor_on_o.png, csensor_off_o.png
Signal signal_a_c_o.png
Distant signal signaldistant_c_o.png
Shunting signal signalshunting_c_o.png
Stage block stageblock_o.png
Straight track track_o.png, track_occ_o.png, track_route_o.png
Straight track number track_#_o.png, track_#_occ_o.png, track_#_route_o.png Revision 501+
Curve track curve_o.png, curve_occ_o.png, curve_route_o.png
Direction track dir_o.png, dir_occ_o.png, dir_route_o.png
Both direction track dirall_o.png, dirall_occ_o.png, dirall_route_o.png
Straight sensor sensor_on_o.png, sensor_on_occ_o.png, sensor_on_route_o.png, sensor_off_o.png, sensor_off_occ_o.png, sensor_off_route_o.png

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