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Compile Rocrail op een Mac OSX

Install and compile wxMac:

On Leopard with wxWidgets 2.8

Mac OS X 10.5
Download from [ SourceForge | UK Mirror ] → Source Archives → wxMac.
Or if SF is not able to provide it: wxmac-2.8.10.tar.gz
Uncompress it with the Archive tool.

Configure and build like this:

cd wxMac-2.8.10
mkdir macbuild
cd macbuild
../configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-unicode
sudo make install

On Snow Leopard for 32 bit with wxWidgets 2.8

Mac OS X 10.6
Check this if you want to use the stable wxWidgets 2.8 32 bit:

(Not tested by the author…)

On Snow Leopard for 64 bit with wxWidgets 2.9+

Mac OS X 10.6

cd wxMac-2.9.0
mkdir macbuild
cd macbuild
../configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-unicode -with-osx_cocoa --with-macosx-version-min=10.5
sudo make install

Note: Some lines have to be modified → in wxWidgets-2.9.0/src/osx/cocoa/

please replace:

wxWidgetImpl::FindFromWXWidget( [self delegate] );
wxWidgetImpl::FindFromWXWidget( (WXWidget) [self delegate] )

(Tested successfully by the author.)

Get Rocrail sources

Described here: Build Rocrail from Source.


The GCC compiler must be version 4.x or higher.

Build Rocrail

This requires revision 646 or higher.

cd Rocrail
make PLATFORM=MACOSX fromtar

This will build a DMG with Rocview and Rocrail inside. The DMG will end up in the folder package.

DMG build example <version> <patch> <type> <dist>

Example: " 1.3 999 snapshot intel" will build
"rocrail-1.3.999-revXXX-snapshot-intel.dmg" where "XXX" is the Bazaar revision number or "user" if Bazaar is not installed.

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