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  • Introduction

Short introduction of myself:

Name: Dirk Adolphs dirka_dirk.jpg
Birthdate: 24. October 1962
Job: Business Consultant PLM
Nationality: German
Hair color: Blonde, so please be patient *smile*
Other interests: my job, web technology, photography, reading, travel, the other blonde *lol*
Web site:

Current equipment:

Tracks: Piko A
Command station: Intellibox
Decoders for switches: Kreischer Datentechnik
s88 : Littfinski (LDT)

The following section describes the progress of my H0 layout in conjunction with Rocrail.
Further and more actual information can be found on my web site and in the blog.

Date Description Picture
27-07-2007 The basic construction is delivered
12-08-2007 Bought decoder to digitalize the old Fleischmann 6052 turntable
13-08-2007 First wiring underneath the layout. dirka_wiring.jpg
18-08-2007 Rob provides initial support for the new turntable decoder with svn1434.
The test layout, used for my inital tests with Rocrail, is decomposed.
26-08-2007 First decoders and s88 modules are installed on the panel dirka_panel.jpg
29-8-2007 Installed Ubuntu and got Rocrail up and running with Christian's support.
Ready for ORD-1!!
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