Dinamo OM32/OC32/PM32


Library: dinamo
Indirectly controlled by the Dinamo interface.

  • Switches/Outputs → OM32 protocol
  • Switches/Outputs as Digital Output → DO protocol
  • Switches/Outputs as Virtual Output → VO protocol
  • Switches/Outputs as Default → PM32 protocol
  • Signals → Aspects only


www.vpeb.nl_files_3013_0607_6054_u485.jpg Library: om32
Baudrate: 9.600, 19.200 or 38.4003)
Directly controlled by a separate RS485 connection.


Field Value Range
Address OM32 module number + 1 1…8
Port OM32 output number + 1 1…32


Field Motor Servo Lights
Param PWM straight (0…31) Position straight (0…127) Aspect (0…12) straight
Value PWM turnout (0…31) Position turnout (0…127) Aspect (0…12) turnout
  • Uncheck the Accessory option for selecting the wanted port type.
  • Check the Single Gate option if only one output should be addressed, otherwise the next output is used for the turnout command. (Dual coil)



Field Accessory Motor Servo Lights
Param Gain PWM OFF (0…31) Position OFF (0…127) Aspect (0…12) OFF
Value 1 PWM ON (0…31) Position ON (0…127) Aspect (0…12) ON
  • Uncheck the accessory option for selecting the wanted port type.
  • The Blink option is available for the accessory port type only.

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1) The OM32 is no longer in production.
2) The OC32 is the successor of the OM32.
3) The OC32 module is auto-baud. This means it determines the correct bitrate from the received datastream. In order to minimize start-up errors the initial (start-up) bitrate can be configured by the user.

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