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Financial Support

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Rocrail runs entirely on volunteer labor. However, Rocrail also needs contributions of money. Your continued support is vital for keeping Rocrail available.

Financial support is voluntary and not necessary for using 100% of the Rocrail functionality.
Financial support does NOT include support by email; Use the forum for all issues.


Send money to email address "support @". (Remove the blanks in the email address before using it.)
Use in the EU "Send money to a friend or family" to email address "support @".

Do not forget to send an Email with your Email address, name of the transfer and transfer date.

Bank account

:!: Bank transactions, from outside the EU, are not accepted: Use Paypal. Remember that GreatBritain, UK, is outside the EU.
"Rocrail Support"
Beneficiary Rocrail
Bank Sparkasse Vorderpfalz (DE)
IBAN DE95 5455 0010 0193 3543 13
Message "Rocrail Support"1)

Do not forget to send an Email with your Email address, name of the transfer and transfer date.

An email content like: "Hi, i donated one total of 12€. Do you possible to send me a key? Thanks" will not be possible to process without any details of the transfer.

If your banking software wants to know the country, which is already in the IBAN and BIC (DE), just select "Duitsland / Germany / Allemagne / Germania".

"When you provide the full IBAN and a valid BIC you can reduce charges significantly, as using both of these limits the need for the bank to process the payment. Less bank involvement also means funds will be credited to beneficiary accounts more quickly."


Financial support is used for:

  • Domain registrations
  • Domain hosting
  • Internet access
  • Hardware for testing and developing new techniques
  • Development tools
  • Developer Program(s) membership
  • Hardware development
  • Insurances
  • Promotion
  • and many more…

Support Key

After you made a money transfer of €122) you can request a one year key by sending an email to "support at".
NOTE: Replace 'at' with an '@' character, and remove white space.
Do not forget to mention in your email the date and under which name the money transfer took place.
The support key is not automatically generated so processing the request could take several days!

This key will suppress the "Support request" dialog at startup.

If you want a key for more than one year you must donate a multiple of €12 and write it as comment to the money transfer. Maximal 3 years.

Blocked Support Emails

Rocrail does not take any action if the recipient Email Provider blocks/rejects/deletes SupportKey emails from

  • Some providers and/or Email programs classify Emails coming from domain as Spam; Check your Spam folder and filters and/or provider..
  • There is no way to deliver the key if the Email server reject it as Spam; You will be not informed.
  • Some providers silently reject ZIP attachments, delete the incoming email without notification.

Use a Gmail account instead of an exotic provider.


For supporters of the project having a valid key installed.
Note: Goodies are not necessary for controlling a Model Railroad with Rocrail, and are only 'Nice to have'.

Mobile Clients

These mobile clients can be used with a valid support key installed on the Rocrail server.




If you are using Outlook for your emails you should ask for a zipped key because Outlook mangles the ASCII key under certain conditions!

You must send your Email address by Email.
Less will be regarded as a small support without a key in return.
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