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Important changes

MCS2 Library is replaced with MBUS

Date: 19-04-2019
Revision: 15.296
The MCS2 library is removed and no longer supported.
Use the MBUS library instead.

XML Parser extended for element values

Date: 20-01-2018
Revision: 13.435
For supporting the XML Elements,, I extended the Rocrail XML Parser.
Default this option is disabled, and can only be activated in the source code. Never the less: Make a copy of the existing Rocrail XML files like plan.xml.

Router "autogen" changed into a separate flag

Date: 16-10-2017
Revision: 12.859
The "autogen-"-prefix in Route names generated by router is replaced by the option Automatically generated.
For routes, which still contain the leading "autogen-", this will be removed during the next router run and replaced by the new option.
In addition, "Generated by the router" is entered in the 'Description' field.
In the dialog Route: General a leading " * " in the "Description" column shows the activated option 'Automatically generated'.

Double curve track symbol is moved to the User theme

Date: 16-08-2017
Revision: 12.565
Starting with revision 12.565 the "dcurve" track type is no longer supported in the Rocrail standard.
The User theme must be added, and the type must set to "curvenr" 11, if you still want to use this track type.

Identifier changed in Code

after some discussion we decided to change the label "Identifier" into "Code".
This has only a cosmetic impact and no logical.

CBUS Loco direction flag has been changed!

starting with revision 8778 the loco direction flag is corrected to match the DCC-NMRA standard.
Please swap the loco placing before running in automatic mode after you updated Rocrail to 8778 or higher.

Showing direction of locos in block symbols changed!

Date: 02-01-2014
Revision: 6612+
Internal changes need updated block symbols in several themes.
Windows-Users: let setup update all themes.

Saving routes problem with modular layouts!

Date: 27-09-2013
Revision: 6021-6055
In this revision range all routes were saved multiple in all modules of modular layouts.
Upgrade to revision 6056 and use backups of the xml files if needed.

Classic routing has been removed (3)

Date: 05-08-2013
Revision: 5651+

Classic routing will be discontinued (2)

Date: 04-08-2013
All none BlockSide options are removed from the dialogs.
Next step: Remove all none BlockSide functionality from the server.


Date: 06-06-2013
Revision: 5383+
Missing support for multiple messages has been added. (MAGIC, MESSAGE(S), CRC, MAGIC)

SRCP 0.7

Date: 29-04-2013
Revision: 5106+
SRCP 0.7 support has been dropped.


Date: 07-04-2013
Revision: 4966+
Direction bit correction.


Date: 26-03-2013
Revision: 4922+
Page: Signal interface
The green and yellow aspect address was swapped. In revision 4922 this is corrected which could effect the aspect of signals!


Date: 28-02-2013
Revision: 4749+
In previous revisions the Unique ID was incorrect evaluated which is now corrected.
All UIDs in existing layouts must be replaced with the correct values.

Function activation time resolution is changed

Date: 20-01-2013
Revision: 4562+
Pages: Function timer Function timer resolution is changed from seconds to 100ms.

Check for free destinations until reaching IN

Date: 09-01-2013
Revision: 4524+
Pages: Automode, Loco details
The "Check for free destinations until reaching IN" option has been moved from global Rocrail ini to individual Loco details.

Event Timers

Date: 09-01-2013
Revision: 4523+
Pages: Block Event Timer, Action Timer
The handling of timers are now async. and do no longer block other events.

:!: This can influence existing timed events, especially timed swap actions!


Date: 25-12-2012
Revision: 4444+
A new "accessory" flag is added for activating MSG_ACCESSORY* commands.
This flag is enabled by default and must be unchecked for other port types used by LightControl and MoBaLiSt.


Date: 09-12-2012
Revision: 4403+
The GBM16T offset is increased with one to match the general Rocrail addressing.


Date: 22-10-2012
Revision: 4181+
The analyzer is no longer a library and is now part of the Rocrail server.
After upgrading the analyzer.dll/.so/.dylib can be manually deleted.

Date: 26-11-2012
Revision: 4346+
complete code review (almost a rewrite) of the analyzer
- added support for staging block, twoway switch and center crossing
- connectors across track plan levels supported (Page: connector )
- several new options (i.e. automatically add missing feedback and/or signal assignments to blocks)
- extended plan checks

Classic routing will be discontinued (1)

Date: 14-10-2012

In future revisions the classic routing method will be removed in favour of Block Side Routing\


Date: 01-10-2012
Revision: 4036+
Loco direction flag fixed; Now it is conform the CANCAB/CAN-GC5.

Hardware/Firmware Branch


Date: 22-07-2012
Page: CAN-GC6 Firmware
Start of Day fix for reporting the servo position.


Date: 19-07-2012
Page: CAN-GC1e Firmware
The max. number of TCP retries is increased from 3 to 5. This is to prevent closing the connection to the Rocrail server at high traffic moments in the LAN.

GCA141 Wheel counter

Date: 08-06-2012
Page: GCA141
The GCA141 reports using a Lissy LocoNet message with an additional flag.
Fact is that Lissy also use this under certain conditions.
To avoid conflicts Rocrail will use a different flag to distinguish between Wheel counter and IR-Lissy.
Starting with Rocrail revision 3618 the GCA141 needs a firmware update:

Client Service Port

Date: 24-05-2011
Page: Client service, FAQ
The official assigned port by IANA is 8051.
The previous port 62842 should be replaced with 8051 in existing rocrail.ini and rocview.ini.

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