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padRoc will only be available until 2016.
Rocweb is the successor of padRoc.

See iRoc for more information and how to setup.

Display: XGA (1024 x 768)


The primary goal for padRoc is to provide an interactive track plan.


  • Works with all Command Stations supported by Rocrail
  • System monitor
  • Layout:
    • List with all ZLevels
    • Block status color
    • Interactive
    • Fiddle Yard
    • Turntable
    • Staging block
    • Module view
    • Text images
    • Route highlighting
    • Track occupancy
    • SpDrS60 symbols only
  • Block actions:
    • Start/Stop loco
    • Go with schedule
    • Select loco
    • Open/Close
  • System actions:
    • Power
    • Auto mode
    • Init field
  • Guest Loco
    • Short ID
    • Speed steps
    • Protocol
  • Loco throttle
    • 16 functions and lights
    • Adjustable slider sensitivity
    • Function text or Icons


Available in the iTunes App-Store; Just search for "padRoc".

Support Key

The Rocrail Support Key is not mandatory but very welcome.
This App you must by but the maintenance and further development is free and therefor this Popup will remind you about that.

Trouble Shooting

Plan does (partial) not load


Check the plan if it is XML well formed with a tool like "XmlSpy".
Or use the W3C service:
Rocrail and Rocview are using the Rocs parser which is not so strict as the Java one.


The max. panel size is 80 x 60 symbols.

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