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iRoc Introduction & Setup

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iRoc is no longer available, and does not run on iOS 9 or higher.
Rocweb is the successor of iRoc.

iRoc is the ultimate wireless Rocrail controller for iPhone and iPod Touch.
iRoc connects to the client port of the Rocrail server.


  • Works with all Command Stations supported by Rocrail
  • Loco throttle
  • 16 functions and lights
  • Shows iPhone name in the Rocview
  • Locking and releasing(Fn) locos
  • Adjustable slider sensitivity
  • Route controller
  • Switch controller
  • Signal controller
  • Output controller
  • Auto reconnect
  • System commands
  • User interface is localized; Depending of the language selected for the iPhone.
  • Loco Automatic control
  • Loco Settings
  • Power indicator
  • Interactive layout view
    • SpDrS60 symbols only


Support Key

The Rocrail Support Key is not mandatory but very welcome.
This App you must buy but the maintenance and further development is free and therefor this Popup will remind you about that.


Select Settings on the iPhone and then iRoc.

Rocrail IP and Port

Set the Rocrail server IP address and client port, 8051, in those fields: (Not the IP address of a Command Stations like ECoS or CS2!)

Allow sleep

Allow the iPod to go to sleep while iRoc is running. After a wake up iRoc has to be started again because it will quit at sleep.


The last selected Loco is shown and can be edited in the settings. It will be overwritten at application end.

Velocity Slider

The default behavior of the slider is to send velocity changes only if is released.
Set High Sensitive to on to send continuos velocity changes. Fine tuning of this behavior can be done by setting the Velocity Delta to another value; Default is 4 which means that only a velocity change is send if the slider position has moved at least by 4.

Selecting a Loco

Click on the Loco ID field to select a loco.
Depending on the setup a numerical key pad for entering an address or the loco list is offered to chose from. The loco list is provided by the Rocrail server and is part of the current active layout.

Selecting a Loco from the list.
Touch the loco field to open the list. Scroll through the list and touch the wanted loco.

Releasing a Loco

If the Rocrail server is configured with "Disable steal loco control" you have to release the loco before another iRoc client can take over control.

Fn Function

Group 1

Button Function
Loco Select a loco from list.
Direction Change running direction of selected loco.
F1…F8 F1…F8

Group 2

Button Function
Direction Release the current selected loco from this iRoc throttle.
F1…F8 F9…F16

Long click

Emergency break. (445+)


The navigation bar at the Loco throttle page provides a button for controlling the selected loco in automatic mode.


If no schedule or block is selected in the picker this will send a plain "Go" command to the selected loco, make sure the Rocrail server has set the auto mode on.
Extra control information is send if a block or schedule is selected before the Start button is pressed.


If the loco should be controlled in half automatic mode this option must be set before the start command is send.
The schedule and block picker selections are ignored and reset to "none".

Set in block

The selected block from the picker is set as current block for the selected loco.



If the button has the light on it means that the selected loco is swapped.
The button action send to Rocrail a swap command with a placing flag. To get it working the way iRoc shows a Rocrail server revision 1055+ is needed. With older revisions the iRoc button state could be not corresponding to the real placing.

Dispatch to Fred

In the loco settings you can dispatch the selected loco to a Fred.

Programm on main (PoM)

In the loco settings you can program the CV - value pair.

Track Plan

If touching an item, like switch or signal or sensor, the background will turn yellow and a command is send to the Rocrail server. The graphical representation of the item is changed, according the new state, after receiving a broadcast from the Rocrail server.


Track Power

If the track power is turned off, for one reason or the other, it will be made visible in the System Tab:


Available in the iTune App-Store, just search for "iRoc":


Trouble Shooting

Plan does (partial) not load

Check the plan if it is XML well formed with a tool like "XmlSpy".
Or use the W3C service:
Rocrail and Rocview are using the Rocs parser which is not so strict as the Java one.

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